‘The Happiest Plates on Earth’- A Chef’s Take On Cooking ‘Disney’


When my husband and I started really discussing the possibility of creating a Disney blog (after years of ‘that would be fun sometime’ talk), I initially found myself at a loss for what kind of content I could potentially bring to the table. Sure, I write from time to time, but he’s the ‘writer’ between us. I even do quite a bit of arts and crafts-style projects. In fact, my ‘art studio’ in our house is fully decorated top to bottom with Disney merchandise, referred to by us exclusively as ‘The Disney Room’. But for this blog, we were really intent on providing content that we haven’t seen elsewhere in this sometimes-saturated market.

And then it hit me.


(A small sampling of my cooking)


I’ve earned a living as a chef for about 15 years, attending culinary school not too long after graduating from high school. In that time, I’ve really tried to push myself in my creativity and challenging myself to try new things with my food. In fact, it was one of my New Year’s resolutions.

So I decided to kill two birds with one stone.

In this series, I intend to do something fresh and different with Disney-themed food. I’m choosing not to outright recreate dishes from the parks or the films. It’s been done before and done better than I could do anyway. Once Thomas Keller makes ratatouille, there’s no point in trying to top it. Instead, what I wanted to do was create new dishes inspired by each of the entries in Walt Disney’s animated film canon.

By taking inspiration from the characters, themes, and locations of these famous films, I’ve put together dishes that reflect cuisines from all over the world. I wanted to take what are largely considered children’s movies and elevate them to fine dining plates. From pig’s heart to polish sausage and custard to calamari, I hope to cover the spectrum and show how diverse the idea of ‘Disney Food’ can be.

Join me as I begin a series I’m calling ‘The Happiest Plates On Earth’.

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