To All Who Come To This Happy Place…

Some people like to wax poetic about nature or the cosmos. Others will offer a deep dive into the meaning of life or societal ills. And still others can offer you comprehensive analysis of sports teams or basic pop culture in general.

Still there’s another class of people. These people think nothing of wearing a second pair of ears. Pixie Dust runs through their veins. They whistle while they work.  And when they see the night sky, they don’t just stargaze… they wish!

We’re not saying that we’re these people… but we’re absolutely these people.

We’re both a couple of life long Disney fans who really grew to love it even more on our first visit to Disneyland as adults. Since then it’s the main thing we talk about with each other and want to talk about with the world.

Here in this blog we will share our complete, unbiased, and objective ranking of every Disney Animated Feature, analysis of films and characters, thoughts on the theme parks, and last, but not least, meals inspired by Disney movies.

So when you’re looking for your fix of Disney talk, news, and even a little snark… we’re happy to finish Walt’s iconic quote in the title and wish you… Welcome!

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